Relationship Advice – Why Women Leave Relationships

Relationships can be hard, and if you are in a long term one, as a man there will be times when you are worried that your partner is thinking about leaving. If this is you, or even if your long term partner has already left you, it is probable that you are searching for answers to the question of why women leave relationships. In this article I hope to help to answer that question for you.

Any relationship that lasts through the initial honeymoon phase, (when quite frankly neither can do anything wrong in the others eyes,) and starts to become a lasting relationship. The emotions settle and the rose tinted glasses start to fade, and as we move into this phase little thing can start to pile up. Little habits that we once found endearing begin to annoy. Insensitive remarks, and little hurts or actions, can over a period of time build up like a barrier between you. There will come a time when your girl will just no longer be able to cope anymore, and this is the point when they may bail out and leave.

A great deal of problems arise from the fact that over time men are taught to think of women as needy overly emotional, and high maintenance creatures. However if you think this is true of every women, then this may be one of your problems in your dealings with the fairer sex. You need to unlearn this fact, of course like all cliches this is true of some women, but you need to take a new approach. Chill out and de-stress, and treat your partner as a person, (not just a woman.) In fact try behaving towards them as you would like people to behave towards you. Trust me it will work wonders.

At the two extremes I have seen men treat their girls as if they were an object of pure sexual gratification, and at the other extreme a replacement for their mother. Both of these are quite obviously wrong, what you should do is to think of your male friends, how do you approach them? It is possible that you spend more time thinking about their individual personalities than you do about your girlfriends. You should take time to get to know your girl, and treat her as an individual. Each woman you meet in your life is unique and should be treated as such.

Most women you form longer relationships with, and if these relationships are to stand any chance at all of succeeding, will be looking to you to be more than just a sexual partner. They will need you to become a friend and confidant to them, and act like you like them as a friend as well as a lover. This is very important as i am sure we have all seen people in partnerships where they don’t actually appear to even like each other.

It is also important that you realize that men and women have very similar sex drives, even though society tries to pretend otherwise. What is important is that a woman doesn’t want to feel that a man just wants her for sex. Not every physical contact should lead to sex, sometimes it should just be an affectionate cuddle, a physical but non sexual connection.

If you are looking for an answer to why women leave men then you should take note of the above points. This should go some way to answering your question, and may even lead to you forming stronger relationships.

If you have recently experienced a breakup, and are not sure where to go from here, can I suggest you watch this video on the magic of making up, I think it may help you to decide on what your next move should be.