Men and Relationships – Take Charge of the Situation

A lot of women simply find it difficult to understand men and relationships. Although women would have this certain feeling that their current partner is the one they would get to spend the rest of their lives with, sometimes the man may not feel the same way.

You see, even though your man may show his love for you through words and actions. He just might not be ready to take the relationship to the next level, and this situation can be frustrating since you have this feeling that you can’t do anything about it.

And you don’t want to break up with him because you are afraid that you might not get the chance to meet another person just like him ever again, and at the same time, you are depressed by the thought that you may not get him to take the plunge. Well, there are ways to make sure that you get what you want out of your relationship.

First, you should know that men and women are very different in terms of how they feel and think. Men are logical thinkers when it comes to the love and romance department. They usually are not quick in making a relationship commitment with a woman, and once a man becomes emotionally secure with the fact that his partner loves him. He would stop making good impressions anymore because he’s entirely aware that he has you.

As a divorced woman, you may have already gone down this road, which is why you are looking for someone who will make a serious commitment to you, but this does not mean that you would want a marriage proposal or an engagement ring. On the contrary, you only want to have this feeling of security knowing that your man is devoted and adores you deeply.

For some women, the problem lies around the fact that they may have played a part that led to this current situation in their relationship. You may have given your man a reason not to make any kind of formal commitment to you.

As you may know, we usually create our ideal relationship world based on the feelings we have for our partner. If your man is aware how deeply you love him and is only devoted to him, he would be contented with that thought because he’s conscious that you would stay by his side, which means he no longer has to put any effort into the relationship just to make you love him even more. Therefore, it is up to you to change your current predicament.

Well, you don’t have to break up with your man just so you can make him realize that he’s not a big loss to you. You don’t need to go that far with men and relationships. What you can do instead is subtly make him feel that you are not entirely and exclusively his. Engage yourself in activities and spend more time with family members and friends, and don’t always be available for him. This will help persuade him to take the relationship more serious and eventually get him to commit.