4 Documented Reasons Why Men Leave Women in Relationships – Read Now to Keep Your Man From Leaving

Why do men leave women in relationships? If your man has already walked out on you or you’re worried he might, then it’s important to read to the end of this article so you understand some of the more common reasons men leave women in relationships.

By knowing the things that will push him out the door, you can take counter measures to keep him madly in love with you so he’ll never want to leave.

Failing To Meet His Sexual Needs

You can argue sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship…and it’s not. But it IS important. Most men have high sex drives and need to feel sexually satisfied in a relationship.

Men don’t commonly express their feelings for you through words. They express emotions mostly through actions, and sex is one of those actions. Heartless jerks aside, it’s a big part of how he expresses his love for you and it’s a big part of making him feel loved in the relationship. If a man’s sexual needs aren’t being met in a relationship, he’s bound to leave and find someone else who can satisfy him.

Falls Victim To Temptation

Sometimes men leave women in relationships simply because they can. Most men fantasize about being with many different beautiful women throughout their lifetime. Monogamy actually goes against a man’s very nature. Some simply can’t resist the temptation when an opportunity to be with someone new and exciting presents itself.

Feeling Smothered And/Or Pressured For Commitment

Commitment is a big deal for many men…and a scary one at that. Most men fear commitment. They don’t want the added responsibilities. They don’t want to give up their bachelor freedoms.

Another reason why men leave women in relationships is because they start to feel smothered by their partner or start to feel like she is pushing them toward commitment when they’re not ready. To solve their dilemma they create space and withdraw.

He Feels Like Your Babysitter, Not Your Lover

Men like their privacy, and they need time to themselves every once in a while. If a woman becomes clingy or needy and complains every time she has to be away from her man, then it starts to make a man feel like he’s her babysitter and not her lover.

Men don’t want to feel like they are responsible for your happiness or for keeping you entertained. Maintain a strong sense of independence and have your own life that doesn’t center on your man to keep him from feeling like you are dependent on him.