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Money and Relationships

Have you ever wondered at the power of money? I have and I came to realize that money is such a strong factor in life that it generally controls everything. It controls the way we run our lives and most definitely it controls the people we love. Most people would rather be in a love less relationship than be in a love relationship that lacks financial backing. No one likes to worry about what they will eat or how they are going to complete their mortgage fee. It is a no wonder therefor that thousands of couples fight over money daily. Sometimes I think if money was not introduced to this world, we would all be living happily. There is no separating money and relationships. However, when you are in a relationship, you should not let money control you. Make sure you and your partner have a general agreement about money, this way, you will prevent any ugly confrontations arising in future.

The men and women have their own problem with money. The ladies would like to believe that the men over use money and sometimes waste it in pointless drinking. The men on the other hand tend to think that the women spend a lot of money on pointless shopping on new cloths, makeup and new appliances. Men and women have their own problem and until they both realize they have a problem, a relationship might not work. Sometimes the best way of dealing with the problem of money and relationship is to have a spending limit per day. This way, there is not person who will spend more than is acceptable. This way the number of times people in relationships would fight about money would be few.

Sometimes couples agree to open one account where they can both manage their finances. Although this is a great idea, complications arises when you can no longer live together. Even if you open an account with your partner, make sure you have an account of your own that you have a way in. An account where you get to decide the amount which you can withdraw and how much you can use. This way, you will not feel like your wings are clipped in a relationship. Money and relationship are funny, just when you think you have got the idea your partner might decide to leave.

However, if you feel money is such a great issue in your relationship, you should go find help. Get help from a financial advisor. If the problem is with your partner and they are spending too much in buying something you should also get financial help. Attend some of the sessions with your partner to show him or her that you support them and you want them to recover from their money problem. Lastly, if you want your relationship to work you should never let money control what you do. Money is always going to be there and as long as it is there, the problems associated with them will not go away. All we need to do is to be people who can manage money and relationships.

4 Documented Reasons Why Men Leave Women in Relationships – Read Now to Keep Your Man From Leaving

Why do men leave women in relationships? If your man has already walked out on you or you’re worried he might, then it’s important to read to the end of this article so you understand some of the more common reasons men leave women in relationships.

By knowing the things that will push him out the door, you can take counter measures to keep him madly in love with you so he’ll never want to leave.

Failing To Meet His Sexual Needs

You can argue sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship…and it’s not. But it IS important. Most men have high sex drives and need to feel sexually satisfied in a relationship.

Men don’t commonly express their feelings for you through words. They express emotions mostly through actions, and sex is one of those actions. Heartless jerks aside, it’s a big part of how he expresses his love for you and it’s a big part of making him feel loved in the relationship. If a man’s sexual needs aren’t being met in a relationship, he’s bound to leave and find someone else who can satisfy him.

Falls Victim To Temptation

Sometimes men leave women in relationships simply because they can. Most men fantasize about being with many different beautiful women throughout their lifetime. Monogamy actually goes against a man’s very nature. Some simply can’t resist the temptation when an opportunity to be with someone new and exciting presents itself.

Feeling Smothered And/Or Pressured For Commitment

Commitment is a big deal for many men…and a scary one at that. Most men fear commitment. They don’t want the added responsibilities. They don’t want to give up their bachelor freedoms.

Another reason why men leave women in relationships is because they start to feel smothered by their partner or start to feel like she is pushing them toward commitment when they’re not ready. To solve their dilemma they create space and withdraw.

He Feels Like Your Babysitter, Not Your Lover

Men like their privacy, and they need time to themselves every once in a while. If a woman becomes clingy or needy and complains every time she has to be away from her man, then it starts to make a man feel like he’s her babysitter and not her lover.

Men don’t want to feel like they are responsible for your happiness or for keeping you entertained. Maintain a strong sense of independence and have your own life that doesn’t center on your man to keep him from feeling like you are dependent on him.

3 Reasons Why Men Leave Women in Relationships – Is This Why He Left You?

The reasons why men leave women in relationships are vast and complex. Every relationship is unique and every man has his reasons, but that offers very little comfort when a man decides to end his relationship with you to be with another woman.

If you want to know how to make a man fall deeply in love with you so he’ll never want to leave, then keep reading to the end of this article. Along the way, you’ll uncover 3 of the many reasons men leave women in relationships.

The Relationship Has Gone Stale

Men crave physical and sexual variety in a relationship. When a relationship becomes too much of a “day to day” routine, men can become bored and uninterested.

Do you always do the same things in a relationship? Do you always look the same and wear the same outfits? Does sex take place in all the same positions, at the same time of day, in the same location in the house?

Most men fantasize about being with many different beautiful women throughout their lifetime. If you want to keep him around, make him feel like he’s experiencing an entirely different person by spicing and changing things up from time to time.

He Realizes The Two Of You Aren’t Right Together

Another reason why men leave women in relationships is incompatibility. When couples first start dating, many times they will bend over backwards for each other to make sure the other person likes them. They’re less picky about things. They accept and/or overlook their partner’s bad habits. They put a lot of extra effort into making the other person feel loved and appreciated.

However, after the newness of a relationship wears off, many people change. They aren’t the same sweet, caring person you thought they were. The bad habits of their partner start to annoy them. Little by little they realize they aren’t really that compatible, and they just got caught up in the excitement of being with someone new.

Too Much Nagging And Fighting

Men crave and need admiration. If a man feels he can no longer make his woman happy because she is constantly nagging, complaining, and focusing on all his faults and flaws instead of admiring him, then he will leave. A man can only take so much. Once he feels like he can no longer do anything right in the relationship, it’s time to pack up his bags and leave.